Setting up the Not Found and Internal Server Error pages with SXA – How To Implement Series

There has been a requirement which comes with every website, is how to setup a “Page Not Found” page.

Unlike Sitecore, the SXA, offers the out of the box functionality to setup the 404 and 500 pages in Sitecore solution.


This article covers the setting up the “404 Not Found” and “500 Internal Server Error” with SXA, in “How To Implement Series”. Here is how you implement it:

Step 1:

Create the page/pages for 404 and 505 page in your tree node in your website solution. You can even style it as per you custom design, color and rich images.

Step 2:

Assign those 404 and 505 pages in your settings, by selecting the relevant pages by going /sitecore/content/{Environment}/{DemoSXASite}/Settings/ in the “Error Handling section”


Step 3:

For the 505 page you have to do a little trick, once you have designed the pages completely.

  1. go to /sitecore/content/{Environment}/{DemoSXASite}/Settings/Site Grouping/DemoSXASite
  2. Publish your website completely or you will face publishing issue in error handling.
  3. Select the tab from top navigation “ERROR HANDLING”
  4. Click on Generate static page.


Though it was very basic, but will help a lot of new SXA developers, and save the hassle.

Feel free, to use it and share your feedback. Cheers!

Reference Links

Sitecore Experience Platform 9 update 1
Sitecore SXA 1.6


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