My Story about Sitecore Developer Trial Program, why I signed up, what I learnt, and how was it helpful

Sitecore Developer Trial Program is back

Sitecore has relaunched a trial license with 60 days limit, which was unavailable for a certain period of time. The Sitecore Developer Trial was soft launched in late November last year and lots of developers took benefit from it.

In order to get started follow this link, it will merely take a minute.

Sitecore Developer Trial is for you

Sitecore Developer Trial Program gives you a two months trial license ( a complete 60 days) to evaluate the Sitcore Experience Platform, which is I believe more enough to evaluate, as most of the programs only offer a 30 days trial only.

If you fall in any one of the followings, Sitecore Developer Trial Program is for you.

1. Looking for New Technology

Those students, freelancers and .NET developers who are fed up doing same thing daily and looking for an adventurous technology, it is for them. You will get the complimentary licence and the free training

(see below what Sitecore offers)

2. New to Sitecore

For all those folks out there, who are new to Sitecore and has limited options with their Sitecore license and want to get the full hands on experience with the latest Sitecore technologies, like Helix principles, RESTful API and Omni-channel marketing and automation.

3. Restriction to use client’s license

Sitecore trial program is for those existing Sitecore Developers who are bound not to use the client’s license for personal use, due to their policy or agreement.

With this license you can get a try to new features, Sitecore has introduced like the JSS (Sitecore JavaScript Services) and the Machine Learning

4. Testing the Platform and features

Agencies or the individuals who wants to evaluate the Sitecore Platform before recommending it to the clients, agencies or for themselves, then can get started with the followings to best evaluate the potential hidden in this beautifully crafted Platform.

  1. Architecture
  2. Performance and Scalibility
  3. Testing, Automation and Analytics
  4. Ideas and the scopes
  5. Features and functionalities
  6. Multisite and multilingual
  7. Prototyping or wireframes

Feel free to reach out, if you have any other questions:

What you can do with Sitecore Developer Trial Program

The technology is innovating day by day, so as the Sitecore is also keeping up with the recent trends. I am so much inspired with what Sitecore is doing and how the people in the community is making a difference by collaborating, testing and sharing knowledge to improve it.

JSS (Sitecore JavaScript Services)

In order to lower the burdon and pace up the process for the Sitecore developnmet Sitecore has introduced the SDK for JavaScript developers JSS ( Sitecore JavaScript Services ).

You can build your sitecore solutions and architeure based on top notch JS framworkes like React JS and Angular JS. The support for Vue JS has also been introduced with the recent release of the JSS.

It’s like a plug and play. You don’t need a Sitecore instance in order to get started. The Frontend Developers with very less knowledge but passion for learning can easily get their hands on with JSS. Just create your website using the React or Angular, following implementations provided by JSS. Once you are done, plug it in the working Sitecore instance.

Note: You need Sitecore 9.0 Update-1 or Update-2 to work with the latest JSS Tech Preview 4.


You can use the xConnect to perform different tasks between xDB via a Web API.

xConnect is a service layer that is sort of a middleman to perform the simple tasks like read, write or search date between xDB, devices or any interface. It basically exposes a Web API to perform certain tasks.

Note: For using xConnect, the site should be using HTTPS with valid certificate thumbprint

Omni-channel marketing and automation

Provide your users connected, engaging, seamless and automated experience is the key to market you data and brand influence.

These are the key features and benefits for Omni-channel marketing in Sitecore

  • Customers needs
  • Measure demand and supply
  • Grouped Audience
  • Content based on behavior
  • Email and Social Media marketing
  • Mobile web and applications

Implement Helix principles

Helix is not a technology or a feature but it is a set of design principles and conventions used in Sitecore development. With the implementation of Helix architecture in Sitecore, you can try to achieve the followings:

  1. Fast paced Sitecore development.
  2. Create modules based on component type (Features, Foundation and Projects)
  3. Automated Deployment with task schedulers ( Gulp )
  4. Serialization with Unicorn

My story – Its all about me

I started my career in 2009 as a Graphics Designer, soon my interest developed in Web Development. Since then I was working as a complete Solutions provider for Web and Graphics.

Later on I found that the PHP is taking lead in the technological advancements. And the tech giant Facebook has adapted the PHP as their product programming language. I learnt PHP and to keep up and fulfill my career as a freelancer, I adopted the market needs to work on the wordpress.

The turning point of my career

I have a very versatile career. I am keen enough to learn new things and nothing satisfies my learning growth, and the hunger for learning more is never filled. This is how my career cycle looks.

  • Graphics Designing
    • Web Designing
      • Web Development
        • PHP Developer
          • WordPress Development
            • Full Stack Development
              • Sitecore Development
                • C# Development

Yes, I first started with Sitecore SXA and I enjoyed it so much. I found it too good to be true that I planned my career change from Full Stack Developer to a C# and Sitecore Development.

Why I signed up for Developer Trial

#SitecoreTrial Program has helped me getting hands on the new features introduced by Sitecore 9. As being the developer, I had the restriction to use the clients license, so I could not do much at my personal PC at home. These are a few reasons why I needed Sitecore Developer Trial.

  1. Restriction to use client’s license
  2. Testing the Platform and features
  3. Performance and optimization
  4. Implementing the JSS ( with reactjs and angularjs )

What Developer Trial means to me

I participated in the Sitecore Hackathon 2018, it was a hard luck, my team could not win, though the experience was outstanding. It gave me new hope to explore a few things more with the Temporary Sitecore License provided for Sitecore Hackathon 2018, The license could be used for additional 3 days, from the time it was provided. I sneaked in the opportunity to explore the JSS (Sitecore JavaScript Services).

These are a few reasons that made me switch my career, actually not switch but to deep dive into Sitecore specific work environments.

Sitecore 9 Installation at Home PC


Its our professional duty to follow the rules and regulations. I always give respect to my clients and so I respected the restriction to use the clients license at home PC.

With the relaunch of the Sitecore Developers Trial Program I could finally get my hands on with the Sitecore installation at my Home PC.

Simple Application with JSS


I found that the JSS is the new advancement introduced by Sitecore and it is best according to my interests. I created and practiced a while I still could until the license was valid.

It included both of my interested. Full Stack and Sitecore Development.
(I wish I could get a Client project for JSS soon enough, because the live project has its own charm :) )

Implement a Series of features with SXA


I wanted to play around and implement a few series of features I had troubled with the earlier version of SXA (Sitecore Experience Accelerator). As It required a deep analysis and I had the responsibility to evaluate the best possible option in terms of implementation and optimization.

In my earlier projects where I was using SXA 1.3 things were a bit complicated and I had to do the workarounds. With the release of SXA 1.6+ versions things have been improved. The data attributes in the rendering variants are a lifesaver for frontenders.

I started a series of #HowToImplementSeries and wrote up 3 articles right after getting the #SitecoreTrial Program. Though my earlier article (Sitecore SXA’s most wanted features requested by Clients, with implementation) was also admired by the community.

  1. Setting up the Not Found and Internal Server Error pages with SXA – How To Implement Series
  2. Select Progressive and optimized loading images with SXA – How To Implement Series
  3. Responsive images with Sitecore Experience Accelerator – How To Implement Series

The best thing I like about the SXA is the zero-code approach, which pretty much solves all your problems. And for the rest of the problems, there is the Slack, Stackexchange and Sitecore Community to help you. Even after all the struggle you don’t get your problem solved, the Sitecore Support is there for you. They are speedy and get your problems solved.

(Learn more about the Sitecore Support pattern and lifecycle)

This article is based on my experience. Feel free, to share your feedback. Cheers!


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