Sitecore Package Creator – The untracked/unpackaged changes while creating the packages

It get really tricky for looking for the items, when you are creating a package, to share with other developers or the Clients. This is something similar to Continuous integration but it is for the Database/Sitecore items.

Idea – Sitecore Untracked Items Package Creator:


After a fresh install, whatever the changes are there, those are considered as the untracked/unpackaged changes for the patch/package.

After every successful package creation, the new changes in items will be eligible for the next package creation.

Updated the content:

When you have created the package, And then make the changes in it. Let’s Suppose I have update the About page in my Website (add the text in Content Field).


Introducing the filter:

Introduce a filter button right next to the Search or the bottom arrow before the Sidebar Tree. After clicking on it, it will show that the recent changes have been done on the following nodes.


I have made only 1 change on one item, so it filtered and expanded them very same item. If there are more than 1 item it will show like this.


Similar feature I am wondering to do with the unpublished items.

Create Package for the Untracked/Unpakcaged Items:

There can be a button in the Developers tab, that create the package. This can be either say as,

  1. Create Full Package
  2. Create Unpackaged Items.


List of Packages Created:

Packages created are already saved at [yourwbesite]\App_Data\packages in Sitecore 9 and [yourwbesite]\Data\packages in Sitecore 8.2.

Get the list of created packages and show along with the package designer.


This way there is a track for deployment and nothing is missed.

This idea needs a little refinement, but I am looking forward creating it as a module for Sitecore marketplace.

Feel free, to share your feedback. Cheers!

Reference Links

Sitecore Experience Platform 9 update 1
Sitecore marketplace


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