My Plans for 2019 and Contributions for the year 2018 to the Sitecore Community

My plans and objectives for 2019


  • I have a couple of modules lined up that I want to create.
    One for SXA that will eventually may be incorporated in the Sitecore SXA components. It is a component based on twitter feeds, those feeds will show up as a Wall and the random tiles will flip with short interval of times, another one is SEO related.
  • Organizing Sitecore User Group Meetups in the Pakistan. Developers here are so much motivated regarding Sitecore but there are less skilled ones to spread the word.
  • I was invited by an organization for introduction and training their team of .Net Professionals with Sitecore, Sitecore Helix and SXA, so will be training them.
  • I want to create a Youtube channel similar to SXA tutorials one but only focused on the Sitecore JSS.
  • Writing Blog posts on latest technologies of Sitecore and how it benefits.
  • Spread the word about how great Sitecore via Social networks.

My Contributions for the year 2018


The year 2018 had been so great, A lot good things happened. It was the first time for me to work abide and contribute in the community. I am glad I met our very own Sitecore Powershell Superman Micheal West  he is a true mentor and keeps motivating me. I was inspired by the work and contributions of Michael West in the Sitecore Community and learnt a lot from him.

These are my contributions for the year 2018.

Marketplace Module:


I came up with the idea, Sitecore Package Assistant, the items tracker and packages history  for the ease of Sitecore Package Management and created the module for the marketplace with help the one of my friend. The Sitecore Package Assistant is a very good tool for Developers working on Multiple Environments / Servers.
Here is the link to the module.

My Blog:


This year I have received around 4700+ views on my Blog posts and the visitors are 2500+. Most views on “Sitecore 9 installation, How I do it (Download, Install, Validate and Done)” which get around 150+ Monthly Views, worth mentioning from USA and India.

Worth Mentioning Sitecore Story:


Participated in the Sitecore Developer Trial Contest for winning Symposium 2019 Orlando ticket, and was in Honorable mentions, along with Michael West and Amitabh Vyas.

Sitecore Stackexchange:


Helped around 8 thousand people, on Sitecore Stackexchange and received 764 reputation by answering 40 answers. Has 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 23 Bronze medals with the activity of visited the site 273 days, 260 consecutive and listed as the top 11% this year.

Sitecore UserVoice Ideas and Suggestions:

Shared ideas and suggestions at the Sitecore UserVoice Forum.

  1. Support page level or component level JavaScript 
  2. Support for additional data attributes for components in SXA 
  3. Conditional Includes for files based on languages for multilingual sites
  4. Introducing a Max Character Limit on templates

Sitecore Hackathon:


Participated in the Sitecore Hackathon 2018 as Geek Force . Here is the #SitecoreSelfie of the event, even without sleep I was so energized.


Slides / Presentations:




Helping in Building a Sitecore Team

Invited by an organization to introduce and train their team of .Net Professionals with Sitecore, Sitecore Helix and SXA. The first sessions had been very good so far.

Community help:

  • Helped the community with providing suggestion and improvements.
  • Helped the people on the Slack and helped and guided them.
  • Been active on Socail networks providing and sharing updates for the recent events and promoting sitecore and Sitecore best practices.
  • Contributing in the Short, unofficial, ad-hoc, Sitecore SXA tutorials, for the SXA Frontend related tutorials.

Sitecore User Group Pakistan


Sitecore User Group Pakistan SUGPAK is in progress event scheduled in the month of November/December, date is yet to be finalized. It is delayed because the admin has moved to another country and the group and page is left inactive.

Sitecore eLearning Courses:

Received the Sitecore eLearning Courses coupons, after Sitecore Developer Trial Symposium Contest.

Used those coupons for evaluation of the courses, reported bugs and provided feedback to the Sitecore Training on how to improve the courses.

Once completed the trainings, I received the coupons for Certifications for Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9.0: Essentials Certification and Sitecore Professional Developer Certification Exam 

My Details


Name: Saad Ansari

Country: Pakistan





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