Create a fully configurable Masonry grid in SXA – How To Implement Series

It always makes me feels good to solve a development problem. What’s with you? I recently had a requirement for creating a masonry grid for my client. fully configurable with each instance of it. Though I had it in my mind for a very long time but I was occupied with some other stuff.

Add an International telephone input field with Flags and Dial Codes in Sitecore Forms – How To Implement Series

I had a requirement to add a fancy little input field to add a phone number with country codes with Flags and some nice UI. I googled a bit and found two libraries which I tried the both of them. The one that fine for me is International telephone input.

If you are looking for the very same solution on how to add a International telephone input field with Flags and Dial Codes in Forms you are on the right place. It is a tricky piece, but I was able to fulfill my requirement without modifying the Code. This is something I was looking for.

Why Clone a Sitecore Component instead of Rendering Variant in SXA – How To Implement Series

It is sometimes difficult to decide whether to create a new component or not in Sitecore Experience Accelerator, because SXA already offers a lot of components which are more than enough. You might not get a change to completely use all of them. But you should know how to create one.

In order to save time, the SXA offers you to completely clone a rendering and modify it with your requirements.

How to add the PreLoader in SXA sites – How To Implement Series

Have you ever faced such issue when you have to share your development link with your client, and while you are at the Development phase and your CSS and JS are not set to optimised but you are still to share what you are accomplishing. I know that’s not right but you have do it anyways.

Multiple developers working with Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) Creative Exchange Live – How To Implement Series

This is the extended blogpost for the How to use SXA Creative Exchange Live – How To Implement Series. So a few weeks back one of my fellow Sitecorian asked on slack is it possible to use the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) Creative Exchange Live?

As we in our team were already using it, so the answer is YES!

How to use Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) Creative Exchange Live – How To Implement Series

This topic has been long on my list but I could not write about it. This is the first part of the my next blogpost that I will be sharing with you guys in a few days.

If you have not used the Sitecore Experience Accelerator Creative Exchange and Creative Exchange Live, you are doing it all wrong. You are not taking the full advantage of what SXA offers.

Create a Phone Link with the SXA Link Component – How To Implement Series

Lately I have been seeing people having trouble to use a Link component for a Telephone Number. They have almost achieved it but there was the problem that when you put the external link it appends it with http:// and the link turn into like this http://tel:0800123456

The shortest solution is that before save the link you have just inserted with the external link, just manually remove the http:// and then save it. It is not so smart but as for the Zero Code Approch you would not want to modify the code, because that’s what SXA is for, Right?

Setting up the Not Found and Internal Server Error pages with SXA – How To Implement Series

This article covers the setting up the “404 Not Found” and “500 Internal Server Error” with SXA, in “How To Implement Series”.

Progressive and optimized loading images with SXA – How To Implement Series

It’s basically the lazy loading images but is more appealing than the loader. First it loads the small blurry image, and show the large image with transition.

Responsive images with Sitecore Experience Accelerator – How To Implement Series

I was working on the Progress loading the images, but had to face the issues. So I looked for the alternative, but before I moved to my exact post, I changed my mind to do the another one first. I am basically starting a series of implementations named as “How To Implement Series“.