Sitecore Package Assistant, the items tracker and packages history

I came up with the idea for Tracking the untracked items while creating the Sitecore Package, about a month ago. Turns out that there is sort of similar functionality available right out of the box with Sitecore Package Designer, where you can add the items/files dynamically, based on different options and ranges.


Sitecore Package Creator – The untracked/unpackaged changes while creating the packages

It get really tricky for looking for the items, when you are creating a package, to share with other developers or the Clients. This is something similar to Continuous integration but it is for the Database/Sitecore items. Idea - Sitecore Untracked Items Package Creator: After a fresh install, whatever the changes are there, those are… Continue reading Sitecore Package Creator – The untracked/unpackaged changes while creating the packages

My Story about Sitecore Developer Trial Program, why I signed up, what I learnt, and how was it helpful

Sitecore has relaunched a trial license with 60 days limit, which was unavailable for a certain period of time. The Sitecore Developer Trial was soft launched in late November last year and lots of developers took benefit from it.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) – What we did, did wrong and should do

Every success story has lessons you learn, some are good, some bad, but every time you got a success you prosper and get experience. Here are the lessons learned from previous website development, we learnt with Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA).

Sitecore SXA’s most wanted features requested by Clients, with implementation

Some feature requests are really great ideas and most desirable for the clients to enhance the Flexibility and Adaptability of the websites. Some are easy to implement but some are tricky. Following are the most demanded features requested by the clients for the Sitecore CMS.